November 2019

A fantastic night at the hall with a children's halloween party - organised  by Michael Lloyd from the Shropshire  Theatre Company to raise funds for the Memorial Hall.

Our thanks to Michael and all of his helpers for such a great evening at the hall.

This was the first time the new hall stage sound and lighting was used and what a great show!

APRIL 2019

Once again the committee of Ashley Memorial Hall is pleased to lend its support to Ashley locals Tom and Judy Green (pictured along with fellow supporters Mark & Sally from Vanchaud mobile catering) who are sponsoring this charity event to screen young people for any potential  undiagnosed heart conditions. The hall saw approximately 220 young people screened over the weekend. Several cubicles with ECG equipment were set up together with ultrasound equipment and there was a cardiologist on hand to review every screening. 

More information on the "CRY" charity can be found by clicking the button  

The weekend was funded from a memorial fund set up by Tom and Judy after their son, Adam, sadly died following an undiagnosed heart condition and this is not the first "CRY"event sponsored by Tom and Judy at the hall and we suspect may not be the last.

Our thanks to Tom and Judy and all of their many supporters and friends for putting on this screening and helping to save lives and promote and protect cardiac health in the young

December 2018 - Santa and Olaf visit the hall and a great "christmas time" was had by all who visited. Members of the theatre group gave some stunning performances,

Olaf sang for everyone and then signed autographs and our young visitors helped to decorate the Christmas tree.

There was a disco themed bouncy castle and plenty to eat and drink and a Christmas raffle.

The hall looked fabulous!

Santa arrived and met all our young visitors and presents were everywhere.

The day helped to raise funds for the Theatre company and to help raise funds to enable the hall to purchase a professional stage light and sound system for use by all future users.

A very special thank you to Michael Lloyd and his family and friends and to the members of the theatre group who had given their time and made this day possible - well done!