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Upgrades to Ashley Memorial Hall

The hall reached the grand old age of 70 in 2023.

As a result the building is aging and requires a substantial amount of investment to bring it up to modern day standard.

We are excited to announce we have put a bid in for National Lotto Funding to support these upgrades and significant works required. Once we have any further information we will update.

With upgrades in mind, the committee has made some significant upgrades to the hall enabling easier access and convenience for our regular and adhoc hirers.

  • We now have key fob/code door entry providing convenient access to the hall for both our regular and adhoc hirers removing the need to collect and return a key at the end of the hire.

  • We have installed broadband providing all users of the hall access to FREE WiFi whilst on site.

  • We have installed a remote controlled heating system so we are better able to control the heating. If accidentally left on we know automatically meaning we can turn it down remotely enabling us to save on cost and also resource.

  • We have also installed remote access for external lighting to ensure we can monitor this at all times to again control costs and resource.

  • We have closed off access to neighbours land adjacent to deter antisocial behaviour which we have experienced.

  • We have changed the lighting switch to remove the need to go onto the stage for hall lighting control, this can now be done from the entrance area which is more accessible and convenient for users.

  • We are also to start work on the new heating system which installation is planned for the summer.

We are really proud of all of the work done by our volunteers to make this happen to our ensure our community space continues to serve our community population and is fit for purpose.

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