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Ashley Art Group - Showcase

Ashley Art Group has gone from strength to strength over the last few months and talented art teacher, Tania has shared an update from the growing group of budding local artists.

8th March - we tackled drawing straight lines free hand, which really is not easy but helpful if you want to draw buildings in the future.

29th March - we were drawing circle and ellipses, this is stepping up a level of complexity, I was impressed with how the group responded to the task.

Coming up

5th April - we are tackling the challenge of studying ‘negative space’ and drawing what isn’t there.

29th April - I am teaching watercolours and the group are really looking forward to this class.



Already there is art work being produced by our group that is suitable for display in our exhibition on the morning of Tuesday 12th July at Ashley Memorial Hall.

You are welcome to pop in and view the work AAG has produced in the last 6 months with free refreshments on offer so all visitors.


Members Feedback

Jane - “I can see I am improving and that is helping with my confidence”

Martin – “ It is relaxing and that helps me enjoy the classes”


Tania's Art

Tania is also exhibiting her own art at Market Drayton Festival Theatre Art Gallery 9th to 28th May and invites you along to the exhibition.

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