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Budding Artists at Ashley Art Group

Ashley Art Group joins our growing number of social groups that are held at the village hall.

The first session took place on Tuesday 8th February 2022 and a follow up session on Tuesday 15th February both of which proved a resounding success.

Talented artist, Tania Paling Sparkes led the sessions and was joined by a number of local budding artists where Tania lent her expertise and experience in various forms of artistry.

The sessions so far have covered Colour Theory, 7 Formal Elements of Art, Mark Making, Challenging Drawing Norms and How to Draw Basics.

Some wonderful feedback has been received from members:


"I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was a great release from life, and I will come to these classes again"


"I'm going to bring my friend to the next session, I know she'll enjoy these Art classes too"


"The curriculum looks really interesting."


"I found it very relaxing and fun"

There are some fabulous examples of work completed over the last few weeks and a few images captured of members getting creative!

Next session is 8th March. All are welcome along.

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